Joomla Hosting History

There are many different types of hosting out there, all for the sake of creating new and creative websites. Different programming languages, open source documents, new content management systems are being created and updated to create a more user friendly website and internet as a whole. One of those items have helped make websites manage news flashes, polls, printable pages, and search tabs, and we are all thankful for those. Joomla hosting has become the second most popular content management system being downloaded. Here is a brief history on Joomla hosting and how it has made information readily available.

In 2005, developers created to distribute information to users, programmers, and developers. In a matter of weeks had thousands of users and announced that they would be developing a new project. They decided on the word Jumla, which means all together in Swahili, altered the spelling and Joomla hosting was born. In 2008, a new version of Joomla was released and gained long term support. By 2012, Joomla had been downloaded and used by over 30 million users.

Joomla is software that creates and updates websites easily. Joomla hosting brings the ease of managing websites to large servers, by updating websites easier. New content and templates would be readily available to anyone on the Joomla hosting server. This is a great way to service a large number of users without the cost of licensing for each user. Joomla is easy for each user on the host server to install with just one click. Joomla hosting can be done on any type of server, Linux or Windows, and can be run on a LAMP stack. Joomla will also automatically find and download missing dependencies, such as PHP and MySQL. This makes Joomla hosting so much easier because it practically takes care of itself.

Joomla hosting has five extensions that help the functionality of a website, modules, components, plugins, languages, and templates. Modules are search or login boxes that are linked to other Joomla components to display new content. Components are the largest extension of Joomla because it functions for the site and administrator. As a menu item is selected it runs a component, and a component cannot function without a menu item. Plugins are the most advanced extensions and can filter or block content on a website or in a search engine. Languages are the simplest extension of Joomla, they can be used as the core part, extension, or can be used in PDF conversions. Templates are the main design of Joomla and determine the layout and style of our website.

You start Joomla hosting by downloading Joomla and finding a Joomla compatible server. If you are not sure if Joomla hosting is your brand of hosting you can always find demo websites to convert your current website to Joomla. If you do not like the look, you can end the demo and your website will return to the original template. There are also plenty of tutorial websites for beginner Joomla users that will walk you through the process step by step. Most websites even include screenshots of each step and 24/7 tech support in case there are issues with the creation of your website or issues with your server. If you are convinced that Joomla hosting would suit the needs of your client, simply install it. Once you have installed it you can install thousands of extensions to increase your clientele.

When installing extensions it is important to remember that they are developed by individuals just like you. If you have an issue installing or using one of the extensions it is important to go to the source of the extension for help. Most individual developers offer tech support for their extension. This makes Joomla hosting easy for everyone involved. Because of the thousands of extensions with Joomla hosting you will always be meeting the needs of your clientele.

Joomla hosting is the second largest CMS used on the internet and can increase your web hosting by a large margin. Even though Joomla hosting practically takes care of itself, it is important to stay up to date with extensions. Remember, your piece of the server can have different extensions than the rest of the server because the websites are using your hard disk space. You don’t want to go too crazy with extensions as it is important with web hosting, not to stretch yourself to thin. Joomla hosting is very popular and can help you find your niche on the internet.

VPS Hosting Usage and Advantages

If you have spent any amount of time on the internet hosting websites and switching from host server to host server, it has become a fast growing market. VPS hosting has come on the hosting scene to provide a completely different hosting market. VPS hosting takes server hosting to the next level, taking away the maintenance of a physical server. Before we jump into the advantages of VPS hosting let’s look at the basics of VPS and its usage.

What is VPS?

VPS stands for virtual private server, which functions like a normal hosting server. The difference between a virtual private server and a regular server is virtual private servers run from a virtual machine and can have more than one virtual machine on a server. The virtual machines are just like a physical server and store information just a like a regular server. Server virtualization makes it look like there is more than one computer, instead of simply using the resources of that computer. Resources are still shared from the virtual machine and this offers better security.

VPS Usage

VPS comes in handy for those who are trying to host a number of websites. Each website can be hosted through an individual virtual machine, which keeps it secure and fully functional. If each website is placed on a virtual machine, then they are only using the resources of that virtual machine. Having multiple virtual machines gives you the ability to give permissions to certain websites and use different operating systems. With different operating systems on virtual machines, each virtual machine can be rebooted as needed, without affecting the other users on the server.

VPS hosting can be split in two different systems, virtualized and paravirtualized. A virtualized environment, the user has virtualized hardware and is unaware that the hardware is not physical. The hypervisor must answer requests with appropriate resource requests. In paravirtualized environments, the user is completely aware of the hypervisor and deals with the host systems resources. This causes a nearly native performance on the VPS, but requires more knowledge on the users’ part. There are some servers that will offer a mix of virtualized and paravirtualized environments depending on the user.

When companies offer VPS hosting there are two ways they can manage the web hosting. There is unmanaged, where the user is completely responsible for their own piece of the server. Or companies will offer unmetered hosting, where the amount of data transferred and bandwidth used is not limited. Unmetered hosting is useful for large websites with a lot of user traffic.


VPS hosting has many advantages that make it preferable over shared hosting. If you need to manage multiple websites, then VPS hosting should be your choice. Because each website can be hosted through a different virtual machine without taking up extra space on the server, this makes VPS hosting more marketable to businesses who need to run more than one website. For those who are interested in starting their own web hosting company VPS hosting is easily managed and allows you to receive a great client base without limiting their bandwidth and resources. With users on their own virtual machine you can leave the user to manage their own resources, upgrades, and websites. That means you can focus on the server and keeping it up and running instead of managing websites and the server. The best part of VPS hosting is that it is one of the more secure types of hosting. Once a website is being run on a virtual machine, that machine is completely separate and private from the rest of the server and other virtual machines. One of the most beneficial aspects of VPS hosting is that it is cost effective. Having multiple users on one slice of a server means they are sharing the cost of the server. This makes it ideal for those who are starting their own web hosting company because users share the cost and maintenance of the server you are selling them.

VPS hosting can put you on the road to success with your own web hosting company, or give your website the freedom it needs to grow by using a VPS host. Virtual machines make website content private and capable of expanding without stealing resources from other users on the server. VPS hosting offers great benefits for individual and business websites, while leaving server maintenance to the host company. You can easily grow your own web hosting business, or expand your website with VPS hosting.

7 Features of WordPress Hosting

There are thousands of ways to get connected to people around the world, the oldest form comes from personal writing. The internet has expanded the field of writing in the form of blogs, social media, reading on the go and so much more. A great way to stay involved in the writing community is through WordPress hosting. What is WordPress? WordPress is a programming language to develop the topography of writing. It has quickly become the fastest growing blogging tool on the internet and constantly being developed for and by the community. Here are seven features of WordPress hosting to give you a leg up in the social media network.

1. You are in charge. WordPress hosting puts you in charge of the writing. Even though your blog is hosted from a server company, you have the capacity to make your blog as eye catching or simple as you want. You want to make sure when choosing a WordPress hosting server that it can support WordPress. WordPress is completely customizable and is constantly being upgraded, so you want to make sure your server can handle it.

2. Express Yourself. Like we mentioned before, WordPress is completely customizable. From custom layouts, fonts, skins, and colors. WordPress even allows you to tweak the CSS to change the complete appearance of your blog. This may sound complicated, but you do not have to know CSS, you can easily get help from your server’s support team. It is your blog, make it about you with more than just your words.

3. Cost Efficient. WordPress hosting is the cheapest way to go when stepping onto the hosting scene. There are fees for upgrades to WordPress because you are the developer. The entire WordPress community is working hard to develop new themes and layouts to better suit the needs of the blogging community. Because it is developed by people just like you that means the license to WordPress is free. With WordPress it is easy to have a dynamic website without pouring all your profits back into it.

4. Social Butterfly. For those who are trying to be the next Mark Zuckerberg, WordPress has the capabilities of designing the next big social network. Because of WordPress we have the websites Facebook, Twitter, and even Wikipedia, where hundreds, even thousands of users can share information. WordPress hosting has made open forums possible for TwiHards, Trekkies, and businessmen around the world to come together and share their opinions and ideas. When you use WordPress hosting you have the capabilities of weaving your own social web.

5. More than just Blog. WordPress hosting is good for more than just blogging. It was originally developed as a blogging system, but has developed into a management system for businesses. Because of all the different widgets, gadgets, and plugins WordPress has been able to meet the needs of small and large businesses. You can graph your audience to see where they came from, how your relationship is linked, and get popularity statistics about your website.

6. Mobile. The best part about WordPress Hosting is the availability on mobile devices. It does not matter how large your website is, with the help of WordPress hosting you can have a mobile version of your website easily. Even if you are not able to make a WordPress mobile version, most WordPress hosting websites are still available on mobile devices. You do not want your customers cut short on accessing your website.

7. Optimization. With the installation of WordPress you are able to optimize the use of search engines, like Google, Bing,, and more. This is possible because WordPress hosting has SEO plugins to install so you can find what you are looking for faster. You no longer have to keep retyping keywords, or sifting through page after page of results. WordPress hosting helps you narrow down keywords to know what to search for and include those words in your blog.

There are thousands of possibilities with WordPress hosting to connect to other users and be the start of the next big thing in social media. WordPress has helped with the sharing of information through blogs, forums, and social media. WordPress is not just for the writer at heart because it has helped businesses see their clientele in a different light and reach out to new clientele. WordPress is constantly being developed by users like you, and you can help other users by developing your own plugins, themes, and fonts to make competitive and energetic websites.